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Shinnyo-En engages in many philanthropic projects worldwide with a commitment to support the welfare of all people in the spirit
of the Buddha’s teachings. The order
works closely with international charitable organisations such as the Red Cross, the United Nations,“Médecins sans Frontières”
and other international and local organisations.

In addition to partnerships with major organisations, Shinnyo-En has initiated its own local projects, giving people concrete help, with development projects to promote sustainable local economies, and support for social facilities for young people and those in need of care. In Berlin, the order sponsored a choir project in a school in Neukölln for underprivileged children.

The Izumi Foundation is specifically dedicated to the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases in the developing world. In addition, Shinnyo-En engages in projects to protect regional cultural heritage and protect the environment, such as supporting the preservation of the Angkor Wat temple site in Cambodia and reforestation projects in China.



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The Saisho Homa in Berlin

Das Saisho Goma in Berlin

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Saisho-Homa / Taiwan

Saisho-Homa / Paris

ceremony / Paris

Saisho cermony / New York

Lantern Floating / Hawaii