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The Saisho Homa in Berlin was a significant event. Twenty years ago, Berlin was at the centre of German reunification, and today the city is a perfect symbol of the “harmony in diversity” which Buddhists work towards. The Berlin Saisho Homa had as its theme, “Building Bridges”, and visitors from around the world came together to celebrate peace. The ceremony started with choral performances from different religious traditions, symbolising the peaceful coexistence valued in Shinnyo Buddhism and all spiritual paths. The Saisho Homa was led by the head of the Shinnyo-En order, her Holiness Keishu Shinso Ito.

Among the different choral groups, Islam was represented by the Kreuzberg Choir for Turkish Classical Music from the Berlin Conservatoire for Turkish Music, while the Synagogal Ensemble Berlin from the Synagogue on Pestalozzistraße in Charlottenburg represented Judaism. The choir of the Passionskirche in Berlin Kreuzberg was representing Christianity. The Shinnyo-En Shomyo Choir, which includes members from Germany, France, the Netherlands and Japan, also performed, alongside Japanese Taiko drummers and the Gropiuslerchen Choir from Berlin.

In the Saisho Homa ceremony, the children’s choir of the Sonnen-Grundschule in Berlin Neukölln made its debut. The choir was founded in May through the initiative and support of Shinnyo-En. The choir aims to bring joy to children from less privileged social backgrounds, and to teach them that people from different backgrounds and different religions can work together and bring pleasure to others through music.



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The Saisho Homa in Berlin

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