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Stephanie Bugiel

With “her” Gropiuslerchen, Stephanie Bugiel has already made a large contribution to changing perceptions, so that Neukölln is not always regarded as a “problem” borough. The choir of the youngest children at the Neukölln School of Music delights Berlin audiences time and again with musical performances and is well known from radio and television. Even if not every note is hit perfectly, the Gropiuslerchen captivate their audiences with the dedication they bring to the performance. Choirmaster Stephanie Bugiel was the one who sparked their enthusiasm. She has much experience and empathy in keeping the children enthused.

Strong nerves and a clear voice are two necessary qualities for choir work with children, and Stephanie Bugiel has both in abundance. As choirmaster of the “Gropiuslerchen” for many years, she has always been able to get children excited about choral music and to motivate them to practise regularly. The result is clear to see, and this persuaded Shinnyo-En to offer Stephanie Bugiel the choirmaster’s position of the new children’s choir at the Sonnen-Grundschule. Shinnyo-En is delighted that Ms. Bugiel took up the position. As a resident of Neukölln, she not only knows the neighbourhood, but is also familiar with the tone she needs to take with the children in order to get them enthused about music. She explained, “The project offers the children a real opportunity to broaden their horizons. The enthusiasm and enjoyment shown by the children demonstrate that they are very grateful for such a chance to showcase their talent.”



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